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The Pursuit of Beauty in Life

Ditching Diets for Good

Holistic Weight Loss is for women who are fed- up with trying diet after diet and ending up with a similiar result - a disappointing one.


These women now know they do not want to diet anymore. They have tried so many times and for many reasons, the methods do not last.


The main reasons they did not last is because those methods do not turn into a lifestyle and new way of thinking.


There needs to be a different approach.  An approach that is empowering, natural and satisfying. This is the reason it can becomea a new lifestyle.


Holist Weight Loss needs to start somewhere. I suggest you ditch the diet mentality today.


WATCH THIS VIDEO below and start making space for an empowering, natural and satisfying way to shed fat and keep it off.


1. I have to watch my calories

2. My weight is a true indication of my fat content.

3. If I eat 'good' foods I have had a 'good' day.

4. I had a 'bad' day. I over ate.

5. I must lose weight.  

6. I must push harder to exercise

7. Denial creates desire.

8. Denied foods end up becoming known as a "treat'.

9. Skinny/slim = happy

10.  Starting a diet will solve the problems of self-loathing.

11. If I lose weight I will be happy.

12. Willpower is the root to success

13. My scales dictate if I am good or bad.

14. I can't eat that, my diet says no.

15. I can't go out, there is too much temptation.

16. I have failed so many times.

17. I have no willpower. I am bound to fail.

18. I am always hungry.

19. I don't know what to eat.

20. I have no control.



1. Calorie counting can be fuelling your body with toxins.

2. Your weight can lessen for many reasons, excluding fat loss

3. We give too much power to food this way. It can be disempowering

4. The emotion can destroy so many other good things in your life.

5. Targeting a number on scales can lead to damaging your body.

6. Too much exercise can lead to more weight gain.

7. Denial sets you up to give up.

8. What ever you label a 'treat', will become your emotional fixer.

9. Skinny/slim is not necessarily healthy.

10. Self- love is the only thing that solves self-loathing.

11. Attaching happieness to being slim is a false belief.

12. Willpower is not a natural state. Desire and passion is longer lasting.

13. We know this is ridiculous but so many are dictated to.

14. Often our body sends signals to us and we ignore them.

15. Limiting our life! It is too short as it is.

16. To feel failure is to feel sadness. End this madness.

17. Willpower is not needed at all in a holistic healthy lifestyle.

18. Hunger comes mainly from dissatisfaction and lack of nutrition.

19. If you follow rules, you give up your right to chose.

20. You give up your control when you agree to be dictated to.


If you are serious about ditching diets and embarking on Holistic Weight Loss. I suggest you find your own beliefs regarding the 'Diet Mentality'. wWrite them down and find your own counter balancing arguemant to support yourself on this new way of thinking.


What you conceive and believe you will achieve.


Speak to you soon.

P.s. Please feel free to contact me I would love to discuss and endevour to help.