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The Pursuit of Beauty in Life

Are You Overstimulated?

My curious mind is delving into the wonders of herbs and spices.


This world abundantly gives us all that we need. The problem is we do not realise it as we do not notice it around us. There is one important fact I believe is getting in the way, BIG time...


We have been heavily distracted by stimulants! They are every where. In our food, drink, vision, ears and minds...constantly. We are so over stimulated it is actually making us sick. Stresses - chemical, physical and emotional, tip the balance and lead to over-indulging.


This then, I am afraid, leads to dependency and addictions. We can often feel low if we do not get our hit of stimulant. It is very dangerous because, the things I am talking about are not ilegal drugs as we know them but these things are on offer to us every where we go. Most of the stimulants have become our new way of life.


I am suggesting that you decide whether you want to go down this path. There is a choice on offer to you.


I have gone down that path and did not liked the outcome. I felt bad and behaved out of character because of it. I am eliminating those man made toxic stimulants and now I find my self on a new path. A path to a world of beauty and amazement.


The stimulants I mentioned previously block this beauty and amazement. Herbs and spices have the ability to undo this damage and put you back into a state of balance and harmony, both physically and mentally.


If you want to know more...let's talk. I am here for you.