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The Pursuit of Beauty in Life

About Tamsen

Tamsen English has dedicated herself to the pursuit of beauty in life.  


She refers to beauty as an internal reflective state, a present feeling of pleasure, happiness and love. It can derive externally, or cultivate of it's own accord.


As a holistic coach, Tamsen's role is to solve problems; mental, physical or emotional. She understands more than most, one size does not fit all, and where there is a will, there is a way.


10 years of problem solving has given her priceless knowlege and experience.


Understanding the problems helps to dissolve the barriers that prevent beauty in life flowing to you.


There are universal barriers that can prevent this feeling of beauty in life, and she suggests you start here.


She would like to give you a better opportunity to obtain more of that glorious feeling.  


It is time for Tamsen to share her knowledge with you, why?... because she REALLY cares.